Sweaty Palms

Born out of a fertile guitar scene in Glasgow, Sweaty Palms operate in the same vein as their feral brothers in arms, The Amazing Snakeheads. Acerbic, witty and armed with a plethora of sleazy, garage rock goodness. The bands singles ‘Queer Fatwa’, ‘Captain Of The Rugby Team’ and ‘Transit Paul’ hark to the dirtier, more honest side of guitar music. Recalling the likes of Fat White Family, The Birthday Party and The Fall. 


Amassing a cult following wherever they play. Sweaty Palms UK tour was a triumphant success. Peppered with appearances at The Great Escape. A Damo Suzuki support slot and a gig with So Young magazine.

With their debut album, ‘Quit Now’ released to much acclaim. Drawing acclaim for its astute look at the mires of our society. Whilst providing a platter of snarling, discordant ditties that sits, legs splayed, amongst the more placid versions of guitar music that circulate. Subsequently they caught the ears of BBC Radio Scotland’s Vic Galloway. Who brought them in for a session on his show. Before playing to a heaving Rough Trade East not long after. 

“Sweaty Palms have been railing against the indie-rock order since 2014 with their pungent rock ‘n’ roll homebrew.”

PRS M-Magazine