Dead Pretties

Dead Pretties’ career was a short-lived one. But for the time they made music, their star burned more brightly than most. They made their message abundantly clear. No time for fools. With disdain at Western media. Social conformity. And a general air of unruliness which seeped into every facet of their music. The band garnered a dedicated fanbase. Which gathered pace at the South London venues where they sown their roots.

Live shows were a force to be reckoned with. With frontman Jacob Slater losing himself in whatever moment he found himself in on stage. Sadly, the band decided to call it a day not long after with the trio going on to work on their own solo projects, which still manage to draw in the crowds.

Drummer Ben went on to join FEET the formidable post-punk five piece who have gone on to release acclaimed singles such as English Weather and Petty Thieving. Whilst Jacob Slater went on to start his own musical project Wunderhorse playing festivals such as Live at Leeds and supporting the likes of Willie J Healey.


“Injecting fun into London’s rising army of great new bands, Dead Pretties are guitar heroes-in-waiting – or one step away from the self-destruct button.”

DIY Magazine