Phil Madeley

Combining a distinctive fusion of originality and homage. 22-year-old Phil Madeleys music is born of equal parts disdain and anger for the current state of play. Wrapped up in his laid-back, Neil Young meets Jamie T, grit-edged soft rock, are pressing and serious issues of present-day alienation. Loneliness. And mistrust. With his ability to carry a refined maturity, as well as charming throwaway youthful aphorisms. Phil Madeley voice serves as the perfect vehicle for such reflections. Resulting in songs that want to offer as much refuge as they do commentary.

Having cut his teeth as a solo performer. Phil Madeley has crafted a commanding live act that is captivating and exciting. Drawing comparisons with Jarvis Cocker and Mick Jagger. Performances at 2019’s Dot to Dot festival and headlines at The Waiting Room and The Sunflower Lounge (amongst a range of supports) have led to live shows defined by clout and purpose.

The early demos Phil Madeley recorded at home on his Tascam four-track tape machine. Served to document the growing maturity and control in his voice. And his songwriting.

On his debut offering, Phil explains, “Same Skies is about losing a sense of understanding in ones standing, whether that be in relationships, or politics for example. It’s about the suffering that’s caused when trying to find a middle ground in a climate of division. It’s coming from the other side fuelled by insecurity to question how hopeless it is to try and make the other person see it my way, but obviously there’s more similarities in us than there are credible points for division.”


“’21st Century Witch Hunt’ – a dark and thoughtful effort that spotlights his unusual depth”