The Lightning Year

The Lightning Year signed to Nice Swan Records (Pip Blom, Sports Team and Fur) for their debut single in 2017 titled ‘Endless Memory’.

 ‘Endless Memory’ saw the band rapturously lapped up by the likes of BBC Radio 1 and Spotify. Whilst being added to the almighty New Music Friday playlist. The project of musician Matt Bishop, Matt describes ‘Endless Memory’ as ‘a brooding rumination on a one night stand that you can’t get out of your head. And the admission that this one person and one night will stay in your head forever. For better or worse’. The track combines scintillating synth-pop melodies with an exhilarating blend of ramped up percussion and warm fuzzy guitar line. With the classic girl meets boy and falls in love narrative.

The band have gone on to release ‘Song from the Crystal Palace’ a full length album and EP ‘A Wonderful Weird’ in 2019. Along with a handful of singles including ‘Toronto Blues’ and ‘Mystery Blue’.


“The Lightning Year sound like a biblical-level thunderstorm. With different neon-coloured electric bolts all over the shop as you drive down a long desert road…

The Lightning Year find themselves one of the front runners of the latest crop of British indie-pop bands breaking out this year. The hype seems to stack up rather nicely next to the reports of songwriting brilliance and live show mastery.”