Jaws the Shark

Jaws The Shark is the solo project of Olly Bailey. Having spent a number of years on the road, touring as a Tour Manager with various UK based artists, 2020 was the year that Bailey decided it was time to go it alone and create a project of his own. Formed during the first UK national lockdown, the idea of Jaws The Shark was conceived due to a mixture of frustration and boredom.

Bailey says ‘I had been working non-stop for the past 4/5 years, constantly being away from home and on the road, with not a lot of time for myself, or to indulge in any personal projects. When the lockdown happened, my entire schedule for the year got pulled from under me, which free’d up all of this time to finally be able to start writing and recording again’.

Escaping London and moving down to the Devon Countryside, the endless creative ideas that Bailey had been storing over the past few years, were afforded the time to be brought to life and to flourish. Rest assured, there are few acts emerging from the capital with the same raw and captivating energy that Bailey has created with Jaws The Shark – a name taken from a line in the television series ‘Peep Show’. Things were taken up a notch, when Bailey recruited the help of long time friend and drummer Elliot Rawson, of the band ‘YAK’, to add his effortless flair and inventiveness to complete the tracks. Rawson’s presence assisted Bailey in taking his recordings to new heights sonically, whilst also allowing for the two to form a formidable live duo.

Bailey’s songwriting is the perfect middle ground between lo-fi alternative Indie/Rock of the early 90’s – mid 2000’s, paired with an undeniable knack for finding vocal hooks that will lure you in and have you coming back time and time again. With a catalogue of electrifying new music on the horizon, plus new single ‘Demon Dream’ released in February, 2021 promises to be the year that Jaws The Shark explodes from the murky waters and cements himself firmly onto your radar.