Tribute to Mark Edwards: Integral Member of Nice Swan Family

We’d like to pay tribute to our beloved Mark Edwards, who sadly passed away on Friday.

Aside from being an incredible pillar of his local North West community managing and caring for the most vulnerable, he was also a huge supporter of the Nice Swan family and contributed so much to the label that many are unaware of. Not only was he often at the shows of all our artists, he also spent many hours helping to send out vinyl orders to our customers from around the world from the early days in 2016/17 right up until this last month. A vital part of our online store for the last 7 years.

From his war stories of Glasto in the 80s to the Hacienda, Radical politics and beyond. A wealth of knowledge and opinions that were invaluable.

His huge vinyl collection was a testament to his eclectic taste, covering a wide array of genres. Techno, Jazz, Punk, Reggae, Soul, Post Punk, House, Kraut Rock, industrial, Ambient, Early 05 Dubstep and more, he’s got it all!

The musical heroes he loved who passed away this year Mark Stewart, Terry Hall and Ryuichu Sakamoto. I’m sure he is in great company with them sat around the table in the skies talking all things music.

It was an honour to have known such a lovely, educated and passionate individual. Someone who inspires the values we hold as a label and he will be missed so very dearly not just by us, but by all that knew him.

Rest In Peace Mark and thank you so much for everything – you will forever be an integral part of the Nice Swan story (PH)

Below you can find a playlist of all his favourites from across his collection.