Earning widespread critical acclaim (NME, DIY, Clash, Stereogum, Radio 6) for the results, fellow Dubliner and Girl Band’s bass player Daniel Fox produced the last three singles for Silverbacks. ‘Dunkirk’, ‘Just In The Band’ and ‘Pink Tide’. Keeping him on to record ‘Sirens‘, we hear the creative spark well intact. With plenty to latch on too. The lushly recorded propulsive rhythm section prompts a visceral response from the three guitarists of Silverbacks. Who weave fuzz-laden riffs, tonally warped solos, and spindly post-punk riffs into the phenomenal mix.

Switching from semi spoken nonchalance to unabashedly catchy glam punk melodies singer Daniel O’Kelly uses these aesthetics to deliver lyrics where he’s camouflaging his disdain towards society with his natural sardonic wit.

Of the lyrics, O’Kelly says. “In ‘Sirens’, the narrator misses riots and important protests taking place in his city because he’s too preoccupied with writing the perfect soundtrack for what is happening. He’s equally distracted by his relationship issues, tennis, and his obsession with his favourite band.”

‘Sirens’ comes towards the end of a very strong year for Silverbacks. Supporting Ride, Girl Band and The Lemonheads, playing Electric Picnic (Ireland) and signing to Nice Swan are just some of the highs. Having finally completed recording of their highly-anticipated debut studio album this year, 2020 is freed up for a major push.