Elusive art pop four-piece cowboyy have unveiled their debut single ‘Gmaps’, out today via Nice Swan Records – listen here.

Taking a swig from the eclectic melting pot of genres that inform their idiosyncratic sound, piecing together sonic blueprints from indie and reggae as well as math rock and dance music, ‘Gmaps’ was co-produced with David Evans at the Old Chapel Studios and received it’s first official play on Monday care of Matt Wilkinson‘s tastemaking Apple Music radio show.
cowboyy are a musical collective. Formed by vocalist, lead guitarist, producer and songwriter Stanley Powell (21), he’s joined by bassist Reubin Yarnold (22), guitarist Kai Smith (19) and drummer Rhys Teal (19) completing the South Coast quartet’s line-up.
Elaborating on the track Stanley Powell explains, “When we first started rehearsing together ‘Gmaps’ was the first song I had written for cowboyy. I was away from home and didn’t have a guitar with me at the time. The first thing I did when I got back was play it. I remember being told it would get stuck in peoples head, I liked that.”
Pulling inspiration from math rock all the way to jazz, post-punk and electronic music, with a fresh and modern outlook on writing and collaboration, cowboyy strive to create their own unique sound, refusing to be anything but themselves. The result?
Something that straddles the lanes of art pop and alternative rock, with guitar lines and bold ambitions to create new sounding music at the forefront of the project.
Having only formed in January 2022, and going through some initial line-up changes, over the past few months cowboyy have been cultivating a dedicated live following, winning over, and confusing, audiences at every gig they play. This is also, in part, due to it being the only place you can hear their currently unreleased discography – until today.