PHIL MADELEY Shares follow up track ‘21st Century Witch Hunt’ on Nice Swan Records


Observing the hypocritical behaviour of anti-humanist warmongers Trump and Boris Johnson has yielded a song for Birmingham-raised songwriter Phil Madeley.

The newcomers’ second ever single ‘21st Century Witchhunt’ – released via Nice Swan Records (Pip Blom, Sports Team, Silverbacks) –  is a commentary on their appropriation of victimhood. Something he’s noticed from their penchant for using the term “witch hunt”. Their own actions and policies have incomparable, brutal consequences to the suffering they claim to be experiencing themselves.

Knowing his poetic lyrics may not instantly reveal this meaning, Phil Madeley has created some companion information to make his intent clear. He’s created an actual church called ‘The Church of the 21st Century Witchhunt’ – a pedestal for the wrong ‘uns to be united.

Feeling that Trump and Boris clearly have a talent for igniting witch hunts Madeley (who is the self-elected Lord Reverend Speaker) has written formal letters, inviting them to be de facto Lord Reverend Guest Speaker. Invitations to other leaders of their ilk are being written as we speak.
The tune as a whole is a convincing statement of intent from an artist who has the potential to be one of the most prolific solo artists of his generation. His swaggering, evocative vocal hits straight through you and his Americana-tinged guitar playing recalls that of the mighty Neil Young.

The track follows his debut single ‘Same Skies’ which received acclaim from the increasingly influential So Young magazine. Praising him for bringing new life into soft rock, they compare him to the mighty Ocean Colour Scene and Neil Young. High praise, that.


23rd – Southampton – Heartbreakers w/ Do Nothing
26 – London – Peckham Audios w/ Nice Swan Records