Human Interest release their debut studio EP, Empathy Lives in Outer Space

“London-based band Human Interest have unveiled their debut studio EP, Empathy Lives in Outer Space, alongside the focus single, “Slackers Paradise”.

“Slackers Paradise” is revealed as one of two previously unreleased tracks on Empathy Lives in Outer Space, following on from lead single, “All My Friends”, EP teaser, “Grounded”, as well as previous releases “Step On” and “Mixing Paint”.

Speaking of the track, vocalist/guitarist Cat Harrison says: “I was unemployed and on the dole when I wrote “Slackers Paradise”. I saw it very much as a headphone song rather than a live song. I liked the idea of speaking to the listener really directly – from the opening line of, “I just want to make you feel strange”, to ending on “I know what you’re feeling / I feel it too”.”

“I was feeling like a deadbeat and quite lost, but I was really enjoying my days imagining a place where everyone gets to do whatever the fuck they want all the time,” he continues. “The verses and choruses are separate entities – the verse is the idea of a place called Slackers Paradise, and the verse is how you would feel when you’re in that place.”

Speaking ahead of their EP release, the band revealed: “Empathy Lives in Outer Space feels like we’ve locked into our identity as Human Interest. The name of the EP came from an image of the world’s first untethered freefall in outer space. We found it beautiful how alone that person looked, whilst knowing that there were people there out of the picture who were ready to bring him back into safety.”

“We became really obsessed with the idea of a toddler being in that same situation, and how striking that would be, so we almost called the EP, Empathy Baby,” they continue. “Upon leaning into this new imagery, the name Empathy Lives in Outer Space came about and everything clicked. You need space to really appreciate empathy, and comprehend your place in the grand scheme of things.”

Human Interest at set to celebrate the EP release with a launch show at The Waiting Room, London on 29 November, as well as shows in Manchester on 28 November and Margate on 30 November.

Empathy Lives in Outer Space is out now via Nice Swan Recordings. For more information on their EP release show in London, visit