Courting release Popshop! (Remixes)

Courting release Popshop! (Remixes)

Liverpool four-piece Courting released the brilliant first single, ‘Popshop!’ from their forthcoming debut EP via renowned indie label Nice Swan Records. The two minute indie-pop banger is now the subject of an excellent Remixes EP. Home Counties & The Lounge Society each offer their takes on the song and each offer something unique and fun that stays true to the true spirit of the original.



The band’s frontman & singer Sean Murphy O’Neil had the following to say on the remixes:

“Popshop! Is a pop song in nature, and we wanted to collaborate with artists we love and see how they would turn it into their version of pop — The lounge society created a 303 filled factory-esque dancefloor banger. We wanted all the remixes to just be really fun, to give everyone something to enjoy”

Courting’s debut EP, Grand National’ will be released on Friday 9th April via Nice Swan Records.