Over the last couple of years, Opus Kink have proven themselves to be one of the most unique bands from the UK punk scene. With their unpredictable singles, blisteringly energetic live performances and characterful horns, they are unlike any other band.

‘1 : 18’ fortunately continues this trend, taking Opus Kink in a darker direction. This is most noticeable through Angus Rogers’ vocals. They begin shakily and hushed, like an old traveller telling his harrowing tale before becoming increasingly more frantic and manic as the track progresses.

The instrumental matches this energy and amplifies it even further. With a reserved introduction, the drums soon build up the tension before inevitably exploding. The horns that make Opus Kink so special are in full force here and each climax is made all the more dramatic by Jack Banjo Courtney’s trumpet and Jed Morgans’ sax parts.

With the band’s second EP coming very soon, we can expect more of this theatrical energy. If you can, catch them at one of their many live shows (below); they sound is even huger live and their gigs are not ones to be missed.

EP ‘My Eyes, Brother!’ is out on 19th May via Nice Swan Records.

Listen to ‘1 : 18’ here:

Catch Opus Kink at the following:

Stockton Calling, Stockton-on-Tees – 8th April

Tarantino Fest, Hull – 9th April

Sain Lô, Le Normandy – 14th April

Motel Mozaique, Rotterdam – 15th April

Trix, Antwerp – 26th April

Orangepop Festival, Nijmegen – 27th April

Supersonic, Paris – 28th April

Sound City Festival, Liverpool – 30th April

Focus Festival, Wrexham – 4th May

Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate – 5th May

Are You Listening? Festival, Reading – 6th May

Band On The Wall, Manchester – 19th May

King Tuts, Glasgow – 20th May

ZEROX, Newcastle – 21st May

Village Underground, London – 23rd May

Bearded Theory Festival, Derby – 26th May

Live At Leeds In The Park – 27th May

Dot to Dot Festival, Bristol – 27th May

Dot to Dot Festival, Nottingham – 28th May

Bedford Esquires, Bedford – 1st June

Patterns, Brighton – 2nd June

Music Barn Festival, Kettering – 9th June

Long Division Festival, Wakefield – 10th June

Truck Festival, Oxford – 21st July