Sprints share new track ‘Swimming’ out Friday 5th March! Full EP and Live dates on the way!


“On course towards future raucous, beer-soaked headline festival sets.” NME

“Screw-you power, relentless motorik rhythms and impressively large choruses.” The Guardian

“Unrelenting, gritty energy” Daily Star

‘Swimming’ is the third and final track to be released before the debut EP is available in full. It follows ‘Drones’ and the title-track (‘Manifesto’), which were released in 2020, shortly after they completed recording the Sprints EP. Produced by Daniel Fox of Girl Band – Dublin’s answer to Steve Albini – the four tracks make for a hard-hitting gloom-punk journey you can’t miss. Like the Irish guitar acts who have paved the way for them, Fontaines D.C., Silverbacks and Girl Band, Sprints sound urgent and vital at every turn.
The single ‘Swimming’ is a confluence of rabble-rousing stadium rock, sleazy garage rock and Sonic Youth experimentation. Lyrically, there’s a lot to hang on to, too, which is unsurprising given how topical the band is so far: ‘Drones’ took on imposter syndrome; ‘Manifesto’ tackled homophobia.
‘Swimming’ scorns on the increasing lack of opportunity after following prescribed paths to become society’s idea of a “success.” Sprints singer Karla Chubb explains: “While the homeless crisis worsens, the city is sinking in debt and everyone can barely keep their heads above water, you see an article stating that a new €25 million white water rafting centre is being developed after approval by Dublin City Council. Sometimes you’d just rather drown.””


Sprints have hit a nerve. The velocity of this argument comes from personal anguish, yet will chime with a generation. And with such honesty running through their core, it’s no wonder The Guardian, NME, and BBC Radio 1 and 6Music have tipped them for big things.

Live Dates:
Oct 7th – Roisin Dubh, Galway
Oct 8th – Kasbah, Limerick
Oct 9th – The Grand Social, Dublin
Oct 21st – The Waiting Room, London
Oct 22nd – Rough Trade, Bristol
Oct 23rd – Heartbreakers, Southampton
Oct 26th – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh
Oct 27th – The Attic, Glasgow
Oct 28th – The Castle, Manchester
Oct 30th – The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
Oct 31st – Bootleg Social, Blackpool
Nov 2nd – Surf Cafe, Newcastle
Nov 3rd – Sidney & Matilda, Sheffield
Nov 6th – Mutations Festival, Brighton
Nov 7th – Festival of Voice, Cardiff
Nov 9th – The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool

Nov 10th – Oporto, Leeds

NSWNi008 Jaws the Shark – Demon Dream – February 19th 2021



Last year, Nice Swan Records started the monthly Nice Swan Introduces… series to shine a light on the most exciting emerging talent. Following releases with the likes of Sports Team, Pip Blom, Hotel Lux & FUR, The series introduced a whole wave of new and exciting talent including Jelly Cleaver, Courting, Sprints, Hallan, Malady & Mandrake Handshake & Anorak Patch cementing Nice Swan Records as one of the country’s most exciting independent record labels. The series returns again this month with yet another extremely exciting act in the form of rock n roll duo, Jaws the Shark and their new single, ‘Demon Dream’.

Jaws The Shark’s contribution to the single series, ‘Demon Dream’ is a molten-hot slice of lo-fi grunge. Head Shark Olly Bailey wrote and recorded the entire song himself, apart from the drums. The drums were performed by Elliot Rawson from Yak, and recorded by Felix Rashman at his ‘Calmer Than You’ studio in East London. Mixing and mastering was also collaborative — Phil Brillo (Babeheaven/Yak) sat in at the controls.

The lyrics are inspired by a nightmare, says Bailey: “I had this recurring dream where I’m in a big house, with a wooden spiral staircase that leads nowhere, and this demon-like thing forces me to sing at its request. It scared the shit out of me and I would wake in a sweat. The line: ‘Like a rudderless ship, you’re sinking, stuck inside your own head’, is a reference to the fact that with this being a dream and being asleep, you’re defenceless and at the mercy of the dream itself, it just has to play out until you wake up.” With said dark emotions being exorcised lyrically, fuzz and delay-soaked guitars (not unlike Ty Segall’s) and swaggering death disco drums feel like an apt accompaniment to the theme.


Meanwhile, Bailey’s gently-distorted vocal feels rabble-rousing and tuneful — the musician’s penchant for pop melody is undeniable. Sounding so accomplished on what is only the musician’s fourth ever single — the project only began in 2020 — is some mean feat. But Bailey has had the best nurture: he’s spent the last few years working as a tour manager, touring with the likes of Demob Happy, Dinosaur Pile Up and Yak. Bailey’s been tenacious but the momentum is now with him for his own big splash — Jaws The Shark has arrived and is here to stay.

Jaws the Shark are: Olly Bailey (Vocals, Guitars) Elliot Rawson (Drums)

Hallan share new track ‘Hands Up’ The new single from upcoming debut EP, ‘Reporting Live From The Living Room Floor’



Hallan announce the release of their latest single ‘Hands Up’ and debut EP ‘Reporting Live From The Living Room Floor’. The former of which sees Hallan delve into the Burroughs-esq commentary on everyday people and everyday life but in a way you’ve never heard before.

Picture Orwellian bleakness combined with Burroughs Beat pennings and add a sprinkling of post-punk. A concoction which we call Hallan. This Portsmouth based four piece take the mundanity of everyday life and perfectly regurgitate it into a semi-abstract and distorted frenzy of punk musings, and they are hitting the ground running in 2021 with their single ‘Hands Up’.

‘Hands Up’ sees the band introduce their latest narrative of “Gumshoe Boy”, an undercover operative in a satirical, parallel world where alternative music is outlawed in The State and the only legal audio consists of power-pop indie music and advertisement jingles. This alternate reality is explored throughout their EP ‘Reporting Live From The Living Room Floor’ set to be released on the 16th of July 2021. The full track listing for the EP is as follows

1 Reruns
2 Hands Up
3 The White Boys
4 Orwells Idyllic Future
5 Television Show
6 Prime Time Lullaby

The EP draws influence from everyday observation, mainstream pop culture and laughable tabloid fiction. ‘Reporting Live From The Living Room Floor’ paints an semi-abstract but tangible image of the new decade, holding a mirror up to not only modern society but individuals. The first taster of this narrative comes in the form of ‘Hands Up’ a cacophony of post-punk raucousness. Frontman Conor speaks on the track;

Our sound changes depending on our agenda at any time, finding a different stride with every step. With ‘Hands Up’ we found ourselves dropped into a western rerun armed with a fiercely cowboyish twang on our six string shooter. We wanted to forth a thematic, semi abstract prose, attacking businessmen and penny pinchers in a  flurry of suitably delirious criticisms.”

While struggling to find a studio which didn’t just place Hallan in the cogs of a much larger machine, the band found Rob Quickenden of Ford Lane studios for their last single “Modern England”. Returning to the rural depths of Yapton, Hallan once again join forces with Quickenden on their debut EP. In a studio setting where no ideas were out of the question and experimentation and exploration were the words of the day, expect ‘Reporting Live From The Living Room Floor’ to be a no-holds-barred exploration into the minds of Hallan.

Back in the far forgotten world of live events, Hallan supported the likes of Sports Team and Porridge Radio. Yet 2021 sees the band carve their own path all together. Backed by Nice Swan Records (Sports Team, Courting, Sprints) Hallan are finally ready to release their latest imaginings to the world, beginning with ‘Hands Up’.

Pre Order the EP



Anorak Patch launch ‘Irate’ on the Nice Swan Introduces Single Series on 22nd January


Colchester-based four piece, Anorak Patch, whose drummer is just 14 years old burst onto the scene last year with their debut singles, ‘Beans’ & ‘6 Week Party’, the latter of which making the BBC 6Music Playlist. Keyboardist Effie Lawrence formed the group in late 2019 with high school friends Luca Ryland (drums) & brother Oscar (guitar), along with bass player Eleanor Helliwell and have been quick to announce themselves into the UK music scene with national airplay and press.

‘Irate’ continues to showcase the band’s immense musical talent at such a young age, the new cut which Draws inspiration from Queens of The Stone Age, System Of A Down & Black Midi, offers yet another side to the bands songwriting & recordings and marks them as one of the UK’s most exciting, young bands to emerge in recent times.

The band wrote Irate during the first lockdown, it displays how they felt as a collective. Effie and Oscar had just had their exams cancelled and their confusion is reflected in the lyric “what is in your head” this also aims to show how people were doing a lot of self reflection at this time.

The song shows how the band’s everyday lives were changed by the pandemic. “he takes a break from a world he loves” is referring to playing and going to gigs, something the band missed very much this year.

Anorak Patch are: Effie Lawrence, Vocals and keyboards. Eleanor Helliwell,Bass. Oscar Ryland, Guitar. Luca Ryland, Drums and Vocals



NME 100: Courting, Sprints and Malady are all included.


The NME 100: Essential emerging artists for 2021

The definitive annual list that shines a spotlight on emerging artists that should be on your radar in 2021


NME 100 courting


Rousing indie capturing the brutal realities of a divided nation

From: Liverpool, UK
For fans of: Sports TeamThe Coral
USP: Courting sum up deep-rooted national insecurities by way of their own vivid social observations.
Why you’re going to love them: There’s a Bukowski-level of social realism going on with
every topic this Merseyside four-piece turn their hand to: be it masculinity and the pressures of fitting in with the
football lads, industry sell-outs, casual pub racism or the anxieties of the wider
political landscape in Little England. It’s thrilling guitar music of the now, driven home in truly chaotic fashion.

Key track: ‘David Byrne’s Badside’ (RB)


NME 100 malady


Topical bangers that’ll sit right at the top of your house party playlist

From: London, UK
For fans of: ShameKing Krule
USP: They’ve given indie the dub/IDM makeover you never knew it needed.
Why you’re going to love them: Think that after chamber-psych and melodic metalcore that we’ve exhausted genre tags by now?
No chance: welcome to post-rave IDM indie. Malady’s debut single ‘London,
I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down’ pays homage to the love/hate relationship many hold for the
Big Smoke while wrapping together shoegaze-y synths with hard-lined
percussion – it’s a refreshing take on what the capital usually delivers.

Key track: ‘London, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down’ (BR)


NME 100 sprints


Dublin’s next snarling guitar heroes refusing to take any shit

From: Dublin, Ireland
For fans of: ShameFontaines DC
USP: Sprints’ singer Karla Chubb sounds like she’s about to give someone a
black eye on thunderous anthem ‘The Cheek’ – this is venomous and versatile rock’n’roll.

Why you’re going to love them: Much like their fellow Dubliners Girl Band and
Silverbacks, Sprints are also fully committed to their craft through their blood, sweat and tears approach.
‘The Cheek’ attacks dated attitudes around sexuality while ‘Drones’ looks inwardly at feelings of imposter syndrome.
The constant is that they continue to deliver pure and riveting statements, setting them
well on course towards future raucous, beer-soaked headline festival sets.

Key track: ‘The Cheek’ (RB)

Read the full article here

Courting release Popshop! (Remixes)

Courting release Popshop! (Remixes)

Liverpool four-piece Courting released the brilliant first single, ‘Popshop!’ from their forthcoming debut EP via renowned indie label Nice Swan Records. The two minute indie-pop banger is now the subject of an excellent Remixes EP. Home Counties & The Lounge Society each offer their takes on the song and each offer something unique and fun that stays true to the true spirit of the original.



The band’s frontman & singer Sean Murphy O’Neil had the following to say on the remixes:

“Popshop! Is a pop song in nature, and we wanted to collaborate with artists we love and see how they would turn it into their version of pop — The lounge society created a 303 filled factory-esque dancefloor banger. We wanted all the remixes to just be really fun, to give everyone something to enjoy”

Courting’s debut EP, Grand National’ will be released on Friday 9th April via Nice Swan Records.

Nice Swan Records Top 20 Albums of 2020 – Part I


Nice Swan Records Top 20 Albums of 2020 #1

We’ve put together a summary of Nice Swan Records Top 20 Albums of 2020. Enjoy the first 10 of our 20 choices. And look we’ve even put them in a Spotify playlist for you, how convenient.

Sault Nice Swan Records
Sault – Black ls

The mysterious collective reacted to the black lives matter movement so rapidly, that it’s hard to comprehend how they managed to craft such an astonishing collection of songs but that’s just how Sault roll. Following on from 2019’s first & second album, ‘Black Is’ is a powerful and emotive album, pieced together by producer Inflo, with key contributors such as Michael Kiwinuka & Cleo Sol.

Stand out track – Wildfires 




Fontaines DC
Fontaines D.C. – A Heros Death 

Returning so soon after their absolutely knock out debut album ‘Dogrel’ Fontaines have shown that they’re here for the long game. ‘A Hero’s Death’ is a more sombre album, darker and more sinister than the debut yet still brimming with big tunes & singalong moments, one of the most exciting acts to emerge in the indie world for years and a future festival headliner for sure.

Stand out track – A Hero’s Death




Katy J Pearson Nice Swan Records
Katy J Pearson – Return

Return was an apt name for this debut album, despite being a new name to many, Katy J Pearson has a knack for evoking memories of some of the greats from Fleetwood Mac to Kate Bush. A beautifully crafted album equally as good listening next to an open fire on a cold night or road tripping across route 66. Stunning, delicate and fun throughout.

Stand out track – Take Back The Radio




Giant Rooks
Giant Rooks – Rookery

German quintet Giant Rooks released their debut album ‘Rookery’ in August this year. Rookery sees the band exploring questions such as what is my role in this world, what am I supposed to do, who am I. Each song is singularly complex and combined creates a gorgeous collection of silky indie tunes which could be viewed as a collection of singles rather than an album.

After seeing Giant Rooks play at Tramlines Fringe in 2018 to a crowd of a few dozen, to headlining Gorilla in 2019 and now Manchester Academy 2 in April 2021, this band are on a steep upward trajectory.

Stand out track – Heat Up



The Howl & The Hum Nice Swan Records
The Howl & The Hum – Human Contact

The Howl & The Hum broke into the music scene with ‘Godmanchester Chinese Bridge’ in 2017, since then they’ve been slowly but noticeably building a name for themselves releasing stand out singles such as ‘Hall of Fame’ and ‘Human Contact’, the latter of which became the title for their debut album released this year. ‘Human Contact’ is a collection of songs which ooze sleek vocals and distinctively sober rhythms.

The band optimistically announced a massive 18 date tour for January and February 2021, whether this goes ahead or not, The Howl & The Hum are worth going to see before they inevitably take 2021 by storm.

Stand out track – Human Contact



Tame Impala
Tame Impala – The Slow Rush

There’s not much you can say about Tame Impala which hasn’t already been said. The king of modern day psychedelic struck again with Tame Impala’s fourth studio album ‘The Slow Rush’. Hundreds of frantically positive reviews later Parker is showing Tame Impala are one of the stand out artist of the decade, never mind 2020.

Stand out track – Is It True




Silverbacks Nice Swan Records
Silverbacks – Fad

Silverbacks first caught the ear with their brilliant debut single, ‘Just For A Better View’. Instantly reminiscent of Pavement, the Dublin based five piece spent the next couple of years crafting their sound and writing what would become one of the best indie debut albums in years and one of our top picks for album of the year. Produced by Girl Band’s Dan Fox, ‘Fad’ pays homage not only to Pavement but also to early naughties NYC indie legends The Strokes & LCD Soundsystem.

Stand out track – Last Orders 




Sports Team Nice Swan Records

Sports Team – Deep Down Happy

Sports Team first burst onto the scene with the Nice Swan released debut EP, ‘Winter Nets’ since then they’ve gone from strength to strength. Tearing up sold out venues up and down the country before lock down, Sports Team have amassed a true army of fans resulting in an unlikely chart battle with Lady Gaga, which although they narrowly missed out on the number one spot, did earn them a nomination for the prestigious Mercury Album of The Year award. ‘Deep Down Happy’ is a triumph.

Stand out track – Here’s The Thing




Marika Hackman Nice Swan Records
Marika Hackman – Covers

A collection of covers isn’t necessarily what you’d first think of when you think of albums of the year. Yet, considering what a strange year 2020 has been this seems fitting. Marika Hackmans hit the nail on the head in terms of ‘consumer demands’, with people turning to music they were familiar with during lockdown. This collection of covers ranging from Radiohead to Beyonce introduced a welcome amalgamation of the old and the new. 

Stand out track – Playground Love 




Sorry Nice Swan Records
Sorry – 925

Sorry are a rare breed of band. Crafting a sound and aesthetic which is distinctly their own, the band hailing from North London released their debut album on Domino Recordings this year. A compilation of their ‘As The Sun Sets’ EP and new offerings such as ‘In Unison’ and ‘Rosie’ this album epitomises the resurgence of post-punk in the past years, whilst progressing with a sound more fitting for a David Lynch film than a Spotify playlist. Undercurrents of jazz, hip-hop and grunge leave Sorrys debut album ‘925’ a striking and progressive offering. 

First seeing Sorry at their sold out support slot with Sunflower Bean at Gorilla in 2018, what was at the time just a setlist of singles and home demos, was already a band with a distinct aesthetic and sound. Sorry are around to stay, and I’m glad, they inject a much needed originality into the arm of the post-punk movement of 2020 and beyond. 

Stand out track – Starstruck

Nice Swan Records Top 20 Albums of 2020 – Part II


Nice Swan Records Top 20 Albums of 2020 #2

The second instalment of our Nice Swan Records Top 20 Albums of 2020! And look we’ve even put them in a Spotify playlist for you, how convenient.

Doves – The Universal Want

After an 11 year hiatus the release of Doves ‘The Universal Want’ was just what was needed for 2020. Holding onto the catchy riffs and signature melancholic lyrics which made their name in the noughties, Doves have proven themselves to be a band for a generation not just a decade.

Stand out track – Carousels






Daniel Avery
Daniel Avery – Love + Light

Daniel Averys album ‘Love + Light’ released in June of 2020 saw the electronic music producer and DJ showcase his full talent. Rather than hinder Avery, lockdown provided him with the time to take demos from the past few years and create a full length studio album – at least one good thing came out of lockdown. Listening to ‘Love + Light’ is like plugging yourself into an all encompassing DJ set, some well needed escapism from the year of COVID.

Stand out track – Dream Distortion




Working Men’s Club – Working Men’s Club

Working Men’s Club just announced a massively lucrative support slot with New Order at Heaton Park next September. Yet it’s not surprising, off the back of their self titled debut album released in October 2020, Working Mens Club have created quite a name for themselves. The front runners of a new amalgamation of punk and synth, Working Men’s Club are definitely one to watch for 2021.

Stand out track – John Cooper Clarke




Bob Dylan – Rough and Rowdy Ways

Dylan’s first studio album in 8 years is yet another masterpiece from the original master of folk & blues. There’s nothing original here but if you like your barnyard boogie and country rock then there is no one better in the game. Ragtime tales about the weirdness of America, John Lennon and even The Titanic accompany Dylan’s masterful country blues. ‘Modern Times’, ‘Tempest’ and now ‘Rough & Rowdy Ways’ show Dylan has no intention of slowing down with 3 of his all time best albums having been released in the last 15 years

Stand out track – Crossing The Rubicon





Porridge Radio – Every Bad

Porridge Radio’s second studio album ‘Every Bad’ solidifies the quartet as a ferocious force to be reckoned with. A chronicle of honest and to the bone experiences characterise the album which explored the personal and often witty experiences of lead singer and songwriter Dana Margolin. Moreover, their success in 2020 was solidified by a much coveted Mercury Prize nomination this year.

Stand out track – Sweet






Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Sideways to New Italy

Melbourne based quintet Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever released their second studio album Sideways to New Italy in June 2020. Combining their hook-laden jangling indie with upbeat vocals Sideways to New Italy, much like their debut album, showcases a ‘soft punk’ sound which is distinctively their own. Stand out track, ‘She’s There’ is reminiscent of an up-beat Smashing Pumpkins meets The Feelies.

Stand out track – She’s There




Billy Nomates – Billy Nomates

Billy Nomates self titled debut album is a direct and refreshing offering from the punk artist. Taking no nonsense lyrics and mixing them with abrupt and clean guitars and drums to create a confrontational yet thought provoking body of work. Signed to Geoff Barrow’s Invada label, who also produced the record – Tor Maries has already got some high profile fans including Sleaford Mods who she has also been collaborating with.

Stand out track – No





Moses Boyd – Dark Matter

Moses Boyds album Dark Matter follows his debut album Displaced Diaspora in 2018. Boyds latest offering is as jazz infused and laden with the raw energy of grime and afrobeats as the last. Yet this time Boyd showcases a more refined sound. Another Mercury Prize nominee, Boyds has created a collection of songs which would sit comfortably on a playlist in a coffee shop but would equally not be amiss at a London nightclub.

Stand out track – Y.O.Y.O




Bill Callahan – Gold Record

The seventh studio album from Bill Callahan, Gold Record showcases Callahans talent for witty and deliciously American songwriting. One for the Dylan and Cash fans. Callahan is a master of poetic lyricism making his musical offerings just as entertaining lyrically as sonically. Releasing a new track from the album from June 29, 2020 every week until the September 4, 2020 release date also provided fans with a refreshing and fun album campaign. That was accompanied by unique illustrations as single artworks for each track.

Stand out track – Cowboy




Khruangbin – Mordechai

The third album from the Texas based trio, Mordechai sees the avant-garde Khruangbin establish themselves as a progressive musical outfit. Combining psychedelic waves with ethereal vocals to create a distinctive album with influences spanning from RnB to dub.

Stand out track – Pelota





Read the first instalment of our top albums of 2020 here:  Nice Swan Records Top 20 Albums of 2020 #1

Malady share ‘London I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Dub’ Remix


Photo credit: Anna Lowry

Malady was birthed as a result of Percy Junior Cobbinah (vocals/guitar) and Charlie Clark (guitar/synth) getting to know one another from turning up at the same gigs; Cobbinah and Ertan Cimen (drums) frequented all the same uni house parties; while Clark met bassist Khaleem Mitchell-Patterson at college. Fusing musical elements from dub, post-rave, early dubstep and IDM with formative indie guitar music, the band draws inspiration from day-to-day living, focussing on conversations and social observations.

Produced by Eduardo De La Paz and the band’s own Charlie Clark, ‘London I Love You But…’ explores the band’s complicated relationship with the capital. Frontman Cobbinah explains: “I must’ve heard LCD Soundsystem’s ‘New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down’ and thought the love-hate sentiment behind the tune mirrored the feelings I had, and still have, with London. The topic of the tune isn’t news to anyone but it felt necessary to document the confusion and sadness felt by how inaccessible and hostile the city is becoming to live in for most ordinary people who have most, if not all, of their lives here.”


London I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Dub – Remix