The Rills – Artist of the Week

The Rills


In an ever evolving age of online interactions dictating day to day life. From social media to zoom calls and live streamed gigs. The Rills are adopting and carving a niche path to indie fame. With over 100k followers and 2.5 million likes on TikTok the band have forged a fanbase by merging their humorous take on indie culture with a catalogue of exceptional singles.

The result is their latest release ‘Stardog’ (released on the 25th of November.) Which sees The Rills solidify themselves as a no frills indie rock trio. The track narrates the lives of small time drug dealer in villages. Combining bold and raucous vocals with gritty guitar and repetitive drums to make a crowd pleasing indie tune.

This band will no doubt tear up venues when they’re next allowed to play live, but for now grab a dark fruits and check out their TikTok, trust us it’s hilarious.