Not many bands rack up over three million views on YouTube off the back of one song in such a premature stage of their career. Not many bands manage it with no PR backing, no record label and no early signs of management. Then again, not many bands sound like Fur. The Brighton quartet are a genuine breath of fresh air and have an unnerving knack for gathering swathes of fans wherever they go. 

In the year since their formation, Fur have honed and sculpted their 60s-inflected guitar pop into a perfectly taut package which has been bolstered by their dreamy, Wes Anderson-esque music videos, most notable in the charming ‘If You Know That I’m Lonely’. When the YouTube views started climbing to dizzying heights and the fanbase started to expand to Indonesia (they currently have 12,000 monthly listeners in Jakarta alone), the band began working on perfecting their next single, ‘What Would I Do’, released in July of this year.

Now, they’ve got many eyes and ears pointing their way; Steve Lamacq has championed them, playing them on his Roundtable and just added them to a self-curated show next month, Miles Kane gave them a support slot and now they’re about to embark on a UK tour with Matt Maltese alongside a gig with The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

“if you’ve not invested the time into Fur just yet, it’s probably best that you address the situation now”.

So Young